Type 2 Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease
6:11 Min
DM & CVD risk mgmt by endocrinologist Dr. Blevins
Understanding Prediabetes and Implications
8:51 Min
Endocrinologist Dr. Blevins discusses the mechanism, risks, tests and management to prevent diabetes.
Complications of Diabetes
3:52 Min
Understanding complications of diabetes
What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring?
1:51 Min
Learn more about this advanced method of checking blood sugar levels.
Tests to monitor diabetes
1:15 Min
Endocrinologist discusses tests to monitor patients with diabetes
Checking Blood Sugar
3:27 Min
Simple explanation on how to check blood sugar
Liver Health in patients with diabetes
1:58 Min
Endocrinologist discusses liver health in patients with diabetes
How to Administer Insulin
2:55 Min
Endocrinologist demonstrates how to administer insulin
Using Insulin to Manage  Blood Sugar
4:14 Min
Dr. Blevins discusses Managing blood sugar with insulin
Treating Low Blood Sugar
4:14 Min
Endocrinologist discusses treatments for a diabetic medical emergency
The Next Step Program for Weight Loss
3:12 Min
Endocrinologist discusses weight management for diabetics